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 TMACS Tips: Self Preservation

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PostSubject: TMACS Tips: Self Preservation   TMACS Tips: Self Preservation Icon_minitime5/4/2011, 14:43

I am fortunate that I am still in one piece. I spent 22 years as a ground pounder and have had several reconstructive surgeries though at 46 I am fitter than I was at 26. I did not receive proper strength training instruction until I was 34. This saved me as I was probably on a downward spiral.

Here are a couple things I've learned and are testimony to long lasting performance.
The Combat Chassis needs to be worked in all plains of motion and in the full muscle action spectrum. In other words, we need to work in the frontal (laterally), sagittal (back and forth) and transverse (core movements) plains of motion. In addition our combat chassis must produce a variety of actions to effectively manipulate gravity, ground reaction forces, momentum, and external resistance. Therefore we must work in the three different actions that the muscles produce: Eccentric (lengthening of the muscle), Concentric (shortening or contraction) and Isometric (equal force or maintaining length) .
I am also a firm believer in breaking down the week into sub-tasks. My four day program includes; Strength, Power, Speed/quickness, and muscular development (hypertrophy).
In addition to my big four, I will work abs every day, functional balance and functional flexibility twice a week. Just a little food for thought.
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TMACS Tips: Self Preservation
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