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 Calendar with Future Workouts?

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PostSubject: Calendar with Future Workouts?   Calendar with Future Workouts? Icon_minitime7/4/2011, 16:00

IS there a way you could post workouts for the future as opposed to just ones for dates that have already occured? Not that I want to make you design my PT plan, but it could help to see how one progresses over several weeks. Maybe because the site is so new that there hasn't been a chance to get a good 8 weeks yet....

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Calendar with Future Workouts? Empty
PostSubject: 8 Week Plan   Calendar with Future Workouts? Icon_minitime11/4/2011, 17:06

We are actually working on that. As soon as we have a Plan established there will be workouts more in advance than the night prior.

The general idea however will most likely be a 6 day plan.

Day 1: Strength
Day 2: Work Capacity
Day 3: Cardio
Day 4: Endurance
Day 5: Work Capicty
Day 6: Strength
Day 7: Rest/ Stretch/ Recover

Now this is not actually established as anything as of yet that is just an example. However it will give you a clear idea as to what we will be providing. Just wait patiently and we will get that out to the FAW Nation as soon as we can.

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Calendar with Future Workouts?
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