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 FAW Weekly Outline

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PostSubject: FAW Weekly Outline   FAW Weekly Outline Icon_minitime6/5/2011, 13:33

Day 1: "THRESHOLD"- This is your first day and first workout of the week. It can be an assessment or just a workout that you pick or put together. It's purpose it to push you to your limit and really work you over. This day's work should last atleast an hour of high intensity, quickly paced work with minimal rest and most often will be in a circuit format as most of our workouts are. If you can not walk away from this workout once completed you have done it right.

Day 2: "ACTIVE RECOVERY" - Day 2 is meant to help your body recover from the absolute shock it received the previous day. However, it is not to be confused with the term "easy". Your workout for today should consist of a short and fast paced workout like a tabata or a fran type workout. (i.e. 21-15-9 format). Today is also a good day to conduct speed training to help train the leg and core muscles to operate at high demands while still tired. Immediately following the gym workout will be a speed circuit on a track or similar terrain you pick.

Day 3: "STRENGTH/POWER ENDURANCE/INTERVAL WEIGHT TRAINING" - Today is meant to slow the pace down. After two days of fast paced cardio suckers your body will be happy to indulge in a slower paced heavier day. The reason for the three selections is to avoid any monotony in your work efforts. One week pick a strength workout for this day, and the next week do a power endurance instead.

Day 4: "ACTIVE RECOVERY" - Just like Day 2 this day is meant to help your body recover and flush out the excess lactic acid. It can not be stressed enough that the active recovery days are not just days off. Since speed work was conducted the last active recovery day use this day to do a hypertrophy workout. Hypertrophy workouts are merely muscle development workouts. ( A good example of one of the exercises for today would be Turkish or Sandbag get-ups.)

Day 5: " STRENGTH/POWER ENDURANCE/ INTERVAL WEIGHT TRAINING" - Day 5 is the same as Day 3 except the workout for the day will not be the same type as what was picked on Day 3. (i.e. If you picked strength on day 3 then you would do IWT or Power E on day 5).

Day 6: "CARDIO ENDURANCE" - The endstate for today is atleast 90 minutes of constant cardio work. Again to avoid injury or monotony the 90 minutes (or however long you go) can be broken into different exercises. SWIM/BIKE/RUN is a good format to start out with. If you have limited resources just find someway to get your heart rate up for the set amount of time.

Day 7: "ACTIVE RECOVERY" - Day 7 is the lightest day of the outline. This day is more of a shooter's choice day. If your one area of your body is still sore take today to work at flushing out that lactid acid in that area in preparation for the all out effort that comes with tomorrow.

* This is just the FAW outline. We will have posted in the gym either the WOD or a list of workouts in which you can pick and choose from in order to meet the days set goals.
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FAW Weekly Outline
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