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 "DB Strength"

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Dumbell Strength Work Out
Consists of 4 Sets of the Following

12 x Squat/Curl/Press
12 x Bent Over Row/Kickback
12 x Flye/Bench Press
15 x Double Crunch

Squat/Curl/Press- Simultaneously perform a Squat and Curl to the standing position. Then conducting a Press from the standing Curl Position rotating your arms 180 degrees (starting with palms facing you) while performing the Press (ending with palms facing away)

Bent Over Row/Kickback- requires to weights... One heavy and on cinciderably lighter. Utilizing a bench to get into DB Bent Over Row Position conduct a row by bring the Heavy Weight Straight up to your abdomen conducting all 12 Reps in this manner, then immediately after grab lighter weight to perform Kickback, keeping same form for Bent Over Row bringing working elbow to an elevated position where bicep is level with the floor. Then maintaining the position of your upper arm extend forearm straight behing you til parralell with the floor.

Flye/Bench Press- Laying on a bench you will perform a Dumbbell Flye then at the starting position bring your arms in to Bench Press Position and perform a Bench Press

Double Crunch- Keeping feet elevated 6 inches off the floor but extended, perform a crunch slightly curling legs in.
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"DB Strength"
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