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 TMACS TIPS Pencil Neck

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PostSubject: TMACS TIPS Pencil Neck   TMACS TIPS Pencil Neck Icon_minitime19/12/2011, 13:22

Another area often neglected is our necks. Pencil neck-itus can land you with a serious injury. As far as neck exercises go, I prefer doing a modified bridge,..say on a bench press bench for example. Less stress on the C-Spine and disks than traditional bridging. Put a towel on the bench, rest your forehead on the towel, set your feet back about a foot or so (the further back you go with your feet, the more resistance you will add) and perform a series of back and forth, up and down rotations. The first time you do it, you may even consider starting on your knees as opposed to your feet. Trust me, if your neck is not used to being worked, and you over work it, you will be eating through a straw for a couple of days.
For the back of your neck, reverse the process and for beginners, start on your butt. Take caution. You do not need a lot of resistance. It's your neck we are talking about.
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TMACS TIPS Pencil Neck
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