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 TMACS Tips: Performance based training

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PostSubject: TMACS Tips: Performance based training   TMACS Tips: Performance based training Icon_minitime19/12/2011, 13:29

Be leery of gimmicky workouts like CrossFit. CrossFit is Outcome based training vs. Performance based. It targets a narrow demographic and does not promote self preservation and longevity.

Cross fit neglects transverse plane functions where injury is prevalent especially as we age, it does not work the neck which supports the command center. Crossfit uses time as a discriminator, and often replicates motions daily leaving little time for recovery. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as over working but we can under-recover.

What I mean about Outcome based training vs. performance based is this; A simple example is the CrossFit WOD Grace. Thirty (30) clean and jerks with 135 lbs. for time. An Olympic style lift should never be timed IMHO. This is outcome based where the exercise becomes subjective. The performance of the exercise becomes secondary to the motion and repetition. We are grading our performance at the WOD named Grace vs. the clean and jerk. I do a 2 minute 10 second Grace. What am I working? It is not going to make me stronger or better at doing power cleans and jerks. Negatron. It is simply a beat down. I have risked serious injury for an ego boost. The next time I do it I will probably score plus or minus 10 seconds. Not much in the area of increased performance. If I wanted to increase my performance at clean and jerks, I would seek coaching, increase the weight, work on controlled breathing, reduce the number of breaks, work on mental imagery, etc.
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TMACS Tips: Performance based training
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