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 TMACS Tips: Grip

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PostSubject: TMACS Tips: Grip   TMACS Tips: Grip Icon_minitime19/12/2011, 13:32

Your Grip is Your Limiting factor to upper body strength. It is one of those neglected and underworked components of our combat chassis.

I trained under University of Michigan's strength coach Mike Gittleson several times and he was adamant about working hands to failure. As a matter of fact, he liked to work the entire body to failure. I've also trained with Gym Jones' Mark Twight who disagreed with the 'to failure' factor.

Don't work hands in isolation. Working hands in isolation becomes mundane and we are neglecting the functionality of the exercise. I like to smoke my hands and forearms at least once a week. I do this with finishing exercises and as a part of a compound movement.

For example, let's say you did hard pulling work where heavy hand use was part of your routine, you might finish by conducting farmer's walks. As heavy as possible, a dumbbell in each hand, walking as far as possible. You will need to conduct these in intervals. Periodically change up the gripping surface of the weight. A small chunk of 4 X 4 or heavy diameter bar with the weight suspended below it will require more distal finger strength.

I may go from farmer's walks to Rope Work. I've got a 60' fast rope that I bring to my gym and use as a finisher. Once smoked from the workout, I will solicit the assistance of a gym mate. He will wrap the far end around his body and apply manual resistance to the end of the rope. I will assume a modified squatting position and will pull him in. He will resist to the point where I can barely pull him in. Sort of like a one man tug of war.
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TMACS Tips: Grip
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