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 "Fast & FURYus"

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PostSubject: "Fast & FURYus"   "Fast & FURYus" Icon_minitime5/4/2011, 08:12

5 Rounds for time of:

10 X Ground to Overhead w/ Bar Bell(BB) [90lb males, 65lbs females]
5 X Tire Flips [330lb males, 220lb females]
100m Water Can Carry
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PostSubject: Re: "Fast & FURYus"   "Fast & FURYus" Icon_minitime5/4/2011, 10:45

CPT Byrne
BDE S3 A/Planner

total time: 09:51
first two laps just over 1:30
-no form on overhead lifting, just moved the weight up and down and last few reps on last 3 sets were clean + push presses. I recommend only "resting" by taking some breaths while moving to next exercise.
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"Fast & FURYus"
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