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 "Making Dust"

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PostSubject: "Making Dust"   "Making Dust" Icon_minitime21/6/2011, 18:15

10 Minute Exercise

Exercises are:
30 Foot Jingle Jangles for 3 Minutes
Dig a hole and fill it back for 4 Minutes
Sledge Hammer slams for 2 Minutes

Step 1: Mark a straight area 30 feet long clear and level enough for running.
Step 2: Find an area suitable for digging a hole.
Step 3: Gather the Materials you will need, they are
a shovel
a pick axe, sledge hammer, or standard hammer
Step 4: Place the shovel and hammer/pick axe/ hammer at the digging area

Exercise Descriptions:
Jingle Jangles- Run back and forth between the start and end of the 30 foot marked off area
Hole Dig/Fill In- Dig the hole in a vicious and fast paced manner but also attempting to fill it in with in 4 minutes
Sledge Hammer Slams- Swing the sledge hammer (or pick axe/ claw hammer) aggressively into the ground where the hole was dug. Do 1 minute with your left arm as lead and 1 minute with your right arm as the lead arm

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"Making Dust"
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