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PostSubject: TMACS INC tips 1 of 1   TMACS INC tips 1 of 1 Icon_minitime30/3/2011, 15:50

When it comes to weight training, working body parts is virtually an anachronism. Isolated training of the muscle group can actually be weakening the muscle group because it needs to be used in a functional fashion. We should focus on compound exercises as they are much more functional than isolated exercises. A chin up is a compound exercise that when done with a twist can elicit a growth response,...for those of you who want to show off your peaks and valleys.

Add to your carte du jour of exercises a 'One minute Chin-Up' with a long term goal of being able to achieve three in a row. The concentric movement or upward movement should last 30 seconds and the eccentric movement or downward movement should last 30 seconds. You will feel at some point other muscles kick in to assist. This is known as muscle recruitment. All that your muscles understand is applied tension. This exercise offers bang for the buck in muscular endurance and muscular development.
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PostSubject: Death by Pullup   TMACS INC tips 1 of 1 Icon_minitime19/4/2011, 08:37

In line with this, I have found the "death by pullup" workout to be effective with my guys in developing not only the mentality of getting muscle groups to work together for upper body, but the jumping pullup helps to coordinate upper and lower body functions working together.

What I do is start everyone out doing the 'death by pullup' with jumping pullups. Most guys can't do 5 dead hang pullups in a row, but even those who can do 10 or 20 will get a great workout. Start with one pullup in one minute. Let the whole minute elapse. In the next minute, do two pullups. Three the third minute and just keep going until you can't complete all the reps within that minute. It starts out slow but adds up quick. By the time you hit the 10th minute, you will have completed 55 pullups. If you are jumping these, that power movement of jumping to aid your arms should be minimal in the beginning (as your arms should be doing most of the work), but as your arms get tired, your legs will be doing increasingly more work. Coordinating the motion between the two muscle groups to create the most efficient sustained movement takes some practice.

Kipping this workout is great for those guys who are in the 20 dead hang pullup category. Just keep in mind that at around 110-120 pullups (at about 14-15 minutes), the skin on your hands starts to rip off, so have some gloves or tape for this one to prevent this.
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TMACS INC tips 1 of 1
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