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 TMACS Tips: Strength training

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TMACS Tips: Strength training Empty
PostSubject: TMACS Tips: Strength training   TMACS Tips: Strength training Icon_minitime5/4/2011, 17:06

I've got a system I've named "Combat Strength Training"
As mentioned in the previous forum, I break down the week into four major components; Power, Speed/quickness, Hypertrophy and Strength. A description of each as is follows;

Speed = fast in one direction Quickness = fast in multiple directions
Training example = Sprints, focus/ heavy bag work, speed ladder drills
Combat Application = movement under fire

Power = rate of force production. How much how fast
Training example = power cleans, medicine ball throws, lateral sledge hammer
Combat application = hoisting a team mate into a fireman's carry. Heaving an ammo can to a top gunner

Strength = how much
Training example = max squat, max dead-lift (three reps each)
Combat application = up righting an overturned vehicle, pulling one's self up and over obstacle

Hypertrophy = muscular development
Training example = 20 reps sets to failure
Combat application = self preservation

I think it is important that each workout is run as a circuit and lasts 30 minutes or more. Each workout must start with a 5-10 minute warm-up (run a mile, jump rope, row).
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TMACS Tips: Strength training
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